Shrimp to die for

Posted by KennyG on July 15, 1998 at 06:26:09:

Greetings gang,

Let's take a break from all the gas grill comparos
and talk food. How about some appetizers? Grilled

If you liked my boneless/skinless smoked chicken
breast recipe or my wings to die for, just wait
until you try this one. Been working on this
simple recipe for a long time until I recently
stumbled across some great commercial sauces. No
more spice blending for me thanks to Mrs. Dogs.
This is too good not to share!

Guesstimate how much of the following marinade,
in these approximate proportions, you will need
for the number of skewers of shelled and deveined
shrimp you care to grill. If you're lucky enough
to be able to consistantly obtain fresh, good
quality 21-25 ct. or better, I envy you!

1/2 cup Wishbone "Robusto" italian salad dressing
1 heaping tablespoon honey
1 heaping tablespoon Jamaican jerk sauce - best
with Mrs. Dogs. Have also tried Grand Anse
and Busha Browne's
1 dash worcestershire
1 pinch fresh ground black pepper (tellicherry)

Stir thoroughly with a wire wisk to completely
dissolve the honey. "Paint" the mixture on both
sides of the shrimp skewers with a basting brush
30-60 minutes before cooking.

Crank up the HIGHEST heat you can muster with your
gas or charcoal grill (use lump if you've got) and
if you are into smoking chips, I suggest guava and
mesquite. 2 minutes or less per side will do it
(relative to 21-25 ct. size) and the honey will
carmelize quickly for a crispy outside. As a
precaution against overcooking, go straight from
the fridge to the grill.

I had guests fighting over these at a recent party.
They will also have a nice little pepper bite
to them.