Re: Smoked Cheese

Posted by Mitch on December 12, 1997 at 21:02:46:

In Reply to: Smoked Cheese posted by ww Prime Cuts on December 12, 1997 at 19:10:46:

I just smoked some cheese recently with great success. You can use whatever you like best but the softer cheeses seem to take in more smoke. My preference is hickory. No matter what type of smoker you are using start out with no more than 2 or 3 briquettes of charcoal that is glowing red and cover well with dry wood. Try to do this on a cold day or even at night. Keep your temp under 90 if you have a thermometer and about 2 hours will give it a nice smokey flavor. Be carefull though. This stuff is addictive and cheese is binding.