5 of the Best Cities to Visit for Foodie Vacations

European explorers of the 17th century set sail for months at a time to find alternate, faster routes to Asia. This route would give Europe the upper hand in trading spices from Asia to North America. These explorers faced unwelcoming challenges of freezing Arctic temperatures, lack of food rations, and ultimately, death. All for better tasting food to reach North America.

Today, people buy spices at their local grocery store with no problem. Although it is possible to eat a dish unique to another country at home somehow, the experience of ordering it at a food stall in a market on the opposite end of the world proves a much better authentic experience.

The following cities are not the only cities to visit for food, but just a few highlights.

1.    Barcelona

A Mediterranean city known for its historic art and architecture ranks every year on all best food cities to visit lists. Enjoy tapas at Bar Cañete, a popular, must-visit restaurant frequented by locals and travelers alike for special occasions. Stroll through the Santa Caterina Market under its colorful roof known for its cheeses and olive oils.

2.    Tokyo

Save up and travel to Tokyo, Japan for one of the best eating experiences. With 230 restaurants that have one Michelin star or more and another 160 000 restaurants registered in Tokyo, you will have no problem finding something yummy to eat. Live like a local and walk through Omoide Yokocho, a nightlife district where you can buy skewers right off the grill from the many small Izakaya stalls.

3.    New York City

Visit any of the five boroughs and you can find a restaurant that you will definitely recommend to other friends who visit NYC. Try Liebman’s Deli in the Bronx for kosher pastrami, corned beef, and hot dogs, all made in-house. Head to Long Island for authentic Greek dishes at Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna. You can find all the flavors in the world in the hidden neighborhoods in the city that never sleeps.

4.    Paris

The City of Lights is no stranger to delicious dishes with 3 Michelin star restaurants like Pierre Gagnaire and Arpège. Marvel at the beautiful, historic restaurants like Beefbar Paris. Taste true southern-French dishes at the laid back Jòia in Sentier. You’ll be trying to find extra stomachs for all the amazing options.

5.    London

Last, but not least is London, England. Yes, you can try the basics like Yorkshire or steak and kidney pudding. Pub crawl for a night to try their fish and chips since you can find fish and chips just about anywhere you go. Don’t forget to visit one of the many food markets like the popular Borough Market.

While you plan your trip to any one of the best food cities in the world, be sure to map out your eating route along with all the other parts of your itinerary. Eating is good for the soul so go ahead and make your soul happy. Your wallet might complain, but your stomach won’t!