A City Native’s Camping How-To

A City Native’s Camping How-To

Tell people born and raised in the city that they have to drive for hours, set up a tent under the sun, sleep on the ground or wait for an air mattress to fill, all the while surrounded by mosquitoes – and they’d give you a look of dissatisfaction.

Under the right circumstances, camping can be fun. A peaceful weekend away from the city does sound more appealing than hearing and ignoring e-mail alerts all day. Actual, natural silence sounds like and literally is a breath of fresh air.

Camping doesn’t always mean roughing it out and being one with the land. These days you can relax with style. Pop-up RVs, furnished cabins, there’s a reason why “glamping” is a term.

You can probably leave the Internet for a few days if:

You’re going with experienced friends.

You know the one person in a group project who pretends to do work, but is actually relying on the other members to get everything done? You can be that person!

Get the camping veteran who suggested camping to organize all the logistics so you know exactly what to (or not to) do. Your friends probably know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and hopefully, they understand that you are not tent-set-up capable.

You’re going to be sleeping in a pop-up trailer.

You can rent various styles of pop-up trailers for your weekend and most companies tow the trailer to your campsite and set it up. Talk about customer service. Most trailers have a sleeping area with a mattress, a fold-up table, counter space, and sometimes even a sink! You’ll still be outside, but you can also use electricity.

You’re going glamping.

Millennials have taken the camping industry and instead of “killing it,” they’ve upgraded it. Just like the popular lodging app, Airbnb, there are websites for Glamping. You can browse through experiences and places to glamp with reviews for each experience.

You’re going to be in charge of the snacks.

The most important part of camping? Food. You need graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for smores for a time around the fire, popcorn, chips, and candy for the long ride for your nature experience. You are also responsible for the burgers and dogs and their respective buns, as well as the camping cooking tools to make them

You’re going to go to have fun.

Of course, you’re not going to be unhelpful and try to make the experience the best it can be. Rather

than approaching life without the Internet with reluctance, think of it as a moment you can post on

Instagram later. In all seriousness, camping can be a new, fun experience.

There are hiking trails, beautiful beaches, fun times around the campfire, and sleeping without the city

noise. Plus, there’s hot chocolate, powdered fruit mixes that only taste good while camping, fresh hot

burgers, and all the snack food you can imagine. 

Enjoy your camping getaway and don’t forget sunscreen, bug spray, and all your toiletries!