Considering Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Furniture

Considering Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Furniture

If you love decorating your home with high quality solid wood furniture, you’ll probably start to wonder about the possibility of bringing some of those finer items into your outdoor spaces. There’s nothing like fine solid wood furniture to bring a feeling of beauty and nature into a home, so why not place such items in your yard where you want to feel the beauty of nature the most?

The Risk of Damage

There’s only one major risk with this plan and that’s that any wooden furniture is susceptible to getting damaged by the elements. When you’ve made a major investment in furniture that has be designed to be a work of art in your home, the last thing that you want to do is to let it be destroyed by sheer carelessness. No matter how lovely that dark wood dining table will look outside, it may not be a great idea to keep it there permanently.

The Good News

The fact is that solid wood furniture is very durable. With the proper care and a safe location, a properly crafted piece of solid wood furniture can easily last for generations and even make a wonderful heirloom item to be inherited by your children. While this fact may mean that it can stand up to quite a lot, it also gives you even more reason to want to protect it.

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is one of the most popular options in contemporary furniture making. One of the reasons that people enjoy reclaimed wood is due to the fact that its previous use usually endows your piece with a unique look.

Another reason that people love reclaimed wood is that the wood that is used to create reclaimed wood furniture is sourced from recycled material, which means that it is an environmentally friendly purchasing option.

Reclaimed Wood and Lifespan

Depending on the particular kind of reclaimed wood item that you purchase, your furniture may be more or less susceptible to damage if left outside. There’s no guarantee that wood that was once left outside for a long period of time will be safe in the same condition now – especially depending on the manufacturing process involved and any other materials that may be included.

Your best option in the case of reclaimed wood furniture is always to consult with the manufacturer about outdoor use.

Temporary Storage

One option that you can consider is to buy solid wood furniture to be kept outdoors on a temporary basis. In this case, you will want to reserve a space in your home or other storage space that contains proper protection from weather as well as humidity control in order to ensure the best condition of your items. Since bad weather can often hit quickly and unexpectedly, you will want to ensure that you item can easily be transported and fully protected by whoever is reliably available.

The bottom line is that any time you leave solid wood furniture outdoors, it may be susceptible to damage. Always consult with your manufacturer about how susceptible your item is to the elements, as well as the possibility of repairs.