Easy Ways to Use Design to Make the Most of Your Back Yard

Easy Ways to Use Design to Make the Most of your Back Yard

Whether you want an outdoor retreat, or a place to entertain, you can design a back yard that is welcoming and comfortable. You can enjoy the best of backyard living, while showcasing your taste and flair.

Enjoy your back yard in style. Here’s how:

1. Backyard Landscaping Defines Backyard Living Space

Landscaping is the first step in defining your backyard space. You can make the space inviting by constructing a variety of landscapes, mixing plants and flowers, shady areas, spots to relax, and areas to entertain. 

You can extend your garden onto the deck and blend the deck into the landscape by covering a pergola with vines and plants in containers.

2. Create Gathering Spaces and Activity Sections

Different areas can be defined for different uses. The deck can be used for the dining area, where the BBQ is within easy reach, while the patio can be the area for relaxing and chatting with guests, perhaps with a fire pit, for example. You can lay down tiles to highlight a separate, cozy seating area in a larger patio.

Be sure to incorporate vertical space in your plans!

3. Patio Sets Provide Comfort and Function

A basic brick patio would be just a brick square without patio sets to liven them up. Patio sets come in plenty of choices of materials. Along with classics like wrought iron, cast aluminum and wood, there is now synthetic, weatherproof patio furniture and fabrics that are as comfortable and stylish as any indoor furniture.

Throw pillows can add any colour that you want to your décor, and they are an easy way to change or upgrade your patio whenever you want.

Consider investing in furniture that is easy to care for and doesn’t require maintenance. You want furniture that can stand up to all the weather conditions they are exposed to. Most metal, teak, cedar and all-weather wicker sets won’t require time that is better spent enjoying your back yard.

An outdoor rug is an element that gives a cozy, civilized feel to the outdoors.

4. Enjoy Cooking with BBQ Equipment that Makes Grilling Easier

Heat resistant gloves: sometimes, it is easier to grab things with your hands instead of struggling with tongs that sometimes can’t open enough if something is large, or for grabbing small things that are hard to grab with tongs. Keep in mind that these gloves can deal with high temperatures, but still exercise caution.

Steel vegetable basket: you can slice up your vegetables ahead of time and give them any treatment you want, like olive oil, and you won’t lose any vegetables from falling through the grill.

A digital thermometer: you won’t have to guess if the meat is done, you’ll be sure. Not just for doneness preference, but as a matter of safety.

These are a few ways that design can come together to enhance your backyard living, making it a place for you to retreat to, or a place that your friends will want to visit.