Five of Chicago’s Most Popular Steakhouses

Five of Chicago’s Most Popular Steakhouses

If you are in Chicago, you have to try steak, Chicago style. Chicago style steak is prepared to your liking, such as rare, medium rare or well done, and then it is quickly charred on the outside.

If you want to sound like a real Chicago native, your order would be the style, followed by the doneness, like, “Chicago-style, rare”.

Chicago also has its share of steakhouses. Here’s a list of five of the most iconic and popular steak houses in Chicago:

1. Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse

Gibsons on Rush Street opened in 1989, and is part of the Gibsons Restaurant Group, which also owns Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House, LuxBar, Quartino, and Gibsons Italia.

It is frequented by celebrities and tourists, and even locals, making it the highest-grossing independent restaurant in the city. Their patio is a real hot spot in the summer.

The reason?  Not only is it the only restaurant in the United States with its own USDA prime certification, it is also known for its portions.

In addition to prime Angus beef, Gibsons features fresh fish, classic cocktails and an extensive wine list.

2. Chicago Chop House

Opened in 1986, the Chicago Chop House is located on Ontario Street in a beautiful building with private dining rooms that can accommodate anything from small family get togethers to large scale business meetings.

This restaurant has appeal beyond its steaks. The beautiful building that houses it is a restored landmark brownstone, full of photos of local celebrities. It also offers more that 30 wines by the glass to complement your meal.

3. Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse

Harry Caray was named for the Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame baseball announcer. It is located on Kinzie Street, in an historic landmark building that was once home to Frank Nitti, Al Capone’s “Enforcer”.

This steakhouse has been in operation since 1987, filled with sports memorabilia in an old-fashioned setting.

They serve the finest USDA Prime beef, both wet aged and dry aged, as well as basic Italian dishes.

4. Ditka’s

Opened in 1997 on Chestnut Street, Ditka’s is named after the coach of the 1985 Super Bowl winners. And Ditka is still involved in the restaurant and eats there.

In addition to an impressive list of steaks and chops, Ditka’s offers up comfort food such as meatloaf, and a fresh banana cream pie.

It is not just a sports bar; it is a casual restaurant where you can enjoy high-quality food.

5. Gene & Georgetti Chicago

This iconic steakhouse is Chicago’s oldest, having been in operation since 1941. Sadly, there was recently a grease fire, and while there were no injuries and “no grave damage” the restaurant was forced to close.

The good news is that the closure is only temporary, and the restaurant will open again. That was in the River North location. The newer Rosemont location remains open, and is only 18 miles away from the River North location. Check their website for updates on when they will re-open.