Five of the World’s Best Food Cities to Visit

Five of the World’s Best Food Cities to Visit

Food is one of life’s pleasures, so it is no surprise that people make travel plans based on the best food cities to visit.

What makes cities food cities? Great food that is accessible to any budget level. This food can be ethnic or traditional, and can be offered as dynamic street food, or in well regarded restaurants.

For even more authenticity, food should be seasonal, and have a connection with the region like seafood if the city is on a coast. These details transform a food city to a best food city.

Here is our food city guide, listing the ten best food cities to visit:

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. Known mostly for sushi, Tokyo is actually very popular for grilled food, prepared right in front of you, with super fresh ingredients, using special charcoal that allows for high heat cooking.

 Another attraction is the Tsukiji Fish Market. Five million pounds of fish are sold there every day. There are standing bars and casual dining, and Michelin star restaurants.

2. Paris, France

French food is iconic. Known for its haute cuisine and shops that have more than a thousand varieties of cheese, Paris also has street markets and street vendors that sell roasted chestnuts.

Some food attractions include crepes that can satisfy at any time of day, with fillings like gruyere, ham and egg, and pastries you can only find in a Parisian patisserie.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, street food is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The vendors work in a fixed rotation so that there is always food to be had.

There is such a variety of food that there is something for everyone. Thanks to immigration, flavours from all over the world are included. The food is fresh and authentic, and you can experience spicy, sweet, salty and sour all in one meal!

It’s all very relaxed, and yet it is one of the best food cities in the world!

4. New York, United States of America

New York has over 10,000 restaurants so you are bound to find something that you like! There is every kind of cuisine you can think of, fit for any budget.

You can do a world tour of cuisines without leaving the city. Hit Manhattan for curry, Brooklyn for knishes and the boroughs for anything in between.

You can also shop for gourmet groceries in some of the best food stores in the world.

5. London, England

Besides being a dining capital and having a robust restaurant culture, London has the Borough Market to help you live the British food culture experience. You can get everything you may need or want at the market, from artisanal cheeses and award-winning baked goods to fresh caught fish and fresh produce.

You can enjoy a traditional full English breakfast in a café, or ultra British fish and chips, or one of the many multi-ethnic restaurants that offer an amazing diversity of cuisines.