Four Essentials for a Great Backyard Party

Four Essentials for a Great Backyard Party

You have a fantastic backyard and you want to make the most of it by throwing a party. Here are four essentials that will elevate your get together to a great backyard party!

1. Start with a Portable Grill

Any gathering of people requires food, and you’ll want to provide food that has the kind of flavour that you can only get from outdoor grilling.

A portable grill makes sense if you need to make the most of your backyard space, or if you have budget considerations.

Portable grills come in many different shapes and sizes, so there is a lot of choices, but the main consideration should be the size of the grill and how much cooking space you’ll need. Sizes range from 150 to 250 square inches. The smaller ones can cook around four hamburgers at a time.

Portable grills allow you to BBQ anywhere, not just your backyard. If you want to do something different, you can take your portable grill for a picnic, camping or even to a tailgate party!

2. A Backyard Game That is Fun for Kids

Here’s a game that the kids will love, that is safe and fun, so parents will love it, too. It is easy to do and doesn’t cost a lot:

Donuts on a String:

All you need is a string and enough donuts for all the children.

Have an adult hold either end of a string that holds up all the donuts and have the children eat the donuts. No hands allowed! Whoever finishes their donut first is the winner.

3. A Backyard Game that Both Adults and Kids Will Love


Beer Pong without the beer, and super-sized. Use trash cans or buckets instead of cups and volleyballs or cheap rubber balls instead of ping pong balls.

4. Adult Only Fun Drinking Games for your Backyard


The beauty of Duel is that all you need is beer by the can. Inspired by dueling, you have two people stand back to back and take ten paces, then turn and chug the beer.

Crush the beer can and throw it at your foe. Keep at it until someone gets hit.

Drunk Waiter:

You don’t need any equipment, just a tray and some glasses or cups.

Have a drink. Then, spin around while holding something above your head, counting to ten. This will ensure that your equilibrium is ruined. Immediately grab a tray of drinks and run to the finish line.

Sounds easy, right?  Most people won’t make it to the finish line before going down, especially as the game progresses and you drink more. No one will be left with dignity!

To keep it fun, and keep anyone from hurting themselves, make sure the glasses or cups are plastic and that the stretch to the finish line is open space with grass or sand and has no obstacles.

With your portable backyard grill, and the backyard games you are sure to throw amazing parties that people will enjoy and remember fondly.