Los Angeles can be Proud of its BBQ

Los Angeles can be Proud of its BBQ

While not known primarily for BBQ, Los Angeles still has great BBQ on offer. Here are 5 of our favorites:

1. Horse Thief

Located just outside the Grand Central Market, The Horse Thief offers up Texas-style, slow-smoked BBQ. It is casual and cheap, and you order at the counter and sit at long communal tables. 

There is also outdoor seating, with a patio that offers a view of the iconic Angels Flight, a landmark railway. 

It is always busy because in addition to being cheap, they are known for their sides and ample portions.

2. Slab BBQ

Slab serves up brisket, ribs (both pork and beef), pulled pork and smoked chicken. Sides are as diverse as mac and cheese, collard greens, turmeric potato salad and frito pie! Dishes are doled out by weight.

It is a casual place where you order at the counter, and find a table to eat. 

The owner made his reputation for excellent brisket at the popular restaurant Trudy’s Underground Barbecue, but grew and moved to Slab, where he kept his focus on the food.

3. Maple Block Meat Co. 

This relative newcomer even received praise for its BBQ from Texas Monthly magazine! It is very popular, so if you plan on going on a weekend, get there early because the brisket can run out!

In addition to the outstanding brisket there are other items on the menu you’ll want like biscuits, or, oddly enough, pimento cheese sandwiches.

The atmosphere is unpretentious and casual, with order at the counter service at lunch and full service at dinner. 

4. Bludso’s Bar & Que

This restaurant started out in central Compton and made its way up to La Brea. 

It’s namesake, Kevin Bludso, offers a unique take on Texas-style BBQ. The casual atmosphere can appeal to a wide variety of patrons. 

There are televisions, if you want to watch a game, along with drinks and beers that complement the food. And you get a lot of food for a low price.

 You can order a few different things at once so you can get a little bit of everything, thanks to the way the menu is set up. Something to consider besides the brisket are the sausages.

You can go there with a big group to watch the game, or for a birthday celebration. Everyone will be happy.

5. The Park’s Finest BBQ

This is a truly unique BBQ experience. It is Filipino-style BBQ! Started by some Filipino kids who blended recipes they were raised on with American BBQ.

The prices are very low, so why no try a few things? There’s dry rubbed chicken and pulled pork, of course. And that pulled pork goes great with BBQ sauce that has pineapple and soy in it. 

 Try the cornbread with coconut cream cheese! This cornbread is made with cornmeal and rice flour and baked on banana leaves. 

The restaurant is simple, so the prices can be low.

It’s restaurants like these that are making Los Angeles a place that can be proud of their BBQ.