Smoke Meat Just the Way You Want with Customizable Settings on the Masterbuilt MES 430S

Customize the Way You Smoke Meat with the Masterbuilt 430S

Nobody smokes meat perfectly the way you do and for good reason. With your years of experience or knack for smoking meat that you were just born with, you know exactly how long and the right temperature that gives your meat its exquisite smoked taste.

That’s why you should check out the Masterbuilt MES 430S Bluetooth Electric Smoker. Its 5-control smoke and temperature settings control the smoke time separately from the cook time. This gives you the freedom to adjust the temperature and the level of smoke. For example, you can choose to set the smoker at a high temperature with low smoke or at a low temperature with a high or intense level of smoke depending on how you want to cook your meat.

Features of the Masterbuilt MES 430S

Not only can you control the smoke level and temperature, but this one of the Masterbuilt smokers that has a Bluetooth feature so that you can control the smoker from any smart device as an alternative to the digital control panel. Here’s what else your Masterbuilt MES 430S can do:


With the digital panel on the smoker or via Bluetooth, you can control the:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Power On/Off
  • Light
  • Meat Temperature


Masterbuilt smokers can fit custom-made accessories that are sold separately like a:

  • Smoke Cover
  • Rotisserie Kit
  • Side Shelf
  • Fish and Vegetable Mat
  • Broiler Kit with Heat Shield and Disposable Pan

There are many other accessories Masterbuilt Bluetooth smokers can fit that you can find on their website. One accessory that does come with the MES 430S is a meat temperature probe, but your smoker is designed to fit up to 4.

Use Your Masterbuilt Smoker Any Way You Want

All of these features that Masterbuilt smokers offers is what separate this high-end smoker from other digital smokers. Smoke meat any time you want with this Masterbuilt smoker that you can move easily anywhere with the pulling handle and rear wheels. There’s no need for heavy lifting before a day of smoking meat.

The spacious smokebox design allows for all different kinds of meats that you can smoke at the same time. This is made easier with Masterbuilt’s universal accessories kits that make it possible for you to do just that. You can smoke two rotisserie chickens at once while also preparing fish – your options are endless.

All that you need to do to use the electric smoker it is to turn it on and get going. There are no heavy propane tanks to lug or wood chip dispensers to clean post-meal. Watch your meat carefully through the display glass using the smoker’s light and adjust the temperature from inside the house with your smart device rather than making your way to the actual smoker to do it manually.

Make Your Meat Properly

Your friends and family depend on you to get delicious smoked meals prepared and with the Masterbuilt MES 430S Bluetooth Electric Smoker, you can do just that in the comfort of your home as you get other things done. No more babysitting your smoker anymore with this electric smoker.