The REC TEC RT-700 Grill Technology Makes Grilling Easier Than Ever

Enjoy Grilling with Ease with the REC TEC RT-700 Grill

One choice when it comes to grilling is what kind of fuel you want to use. The newest fuel to the world of BBQ is wood pellets and the gold standard of wood pellet grills is the REC TEC grills.

Why Wood Pellets Are a Good Choice

Pellets allow you to slow cook smoked meats without having to tend it like a charcoal smoker. Pellets are made from compressed hardwood sawdust and are available in many wood flavours.

These pellets are fed into the grill’s fire pot by an auger, which automatically supplies the right amount of pellets that are needed for your desired temperature for consistent, stable heat.

Smart Grill Technology Means Consistency

In addition, all REC TEC grills have quality and innovation, including Smart Grill Technology that delivers cooking that is always consistent. The features that factor into your choice between all of the REC TEC grills would include capacity, price and versatility.

The REC TEC RT-700 is the Latest, Greatest REC TEC Grill

The latest REC TEC grill, the REC TEC RT-700 is also known as The Bull.

While it is the most expensive REC TEC model, it also offers the most cooking space, with up to 1054 sq. inches of space, with a 40-pound pellet hopper, so you have a great fuel supply.

The Bull is not only a grill, it is a smoker. Its barrel body cooking chamber is stainless-steel, so it doesn’t have paint that will crack or peel.

The Bull features a HotFlash ceramic ignition system. This new technology is rated up to 100,000 cycles, saving you from continuously replacing old metal igniter rods.

The igniter has a stainless sleeve and rises to 1,800°F for quick pellet ignition. The design of the fire pot allows for airflow around the igniter rod, so it keeps cooler after shut down.

Featuring a PID Controller
Unlike most other grills that use a dial button, REC TECs come with a patented PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller on a custom-made touchpad. So, all you need to do is set the temperature that you desire on the touchpad!

This PID controls the pellet feed rate and makes constant adjustments to compensate for things like the opening and closing of the lid, and other unexpected temperature variations. This gives The Bull a consistent and constant temperature.

New Wi-Pellet Wi-Fi Technology

What is new with the Bull is the Wi-Pellet Wi-Fi technology. That means you can control your cooking remotely using the REC TEC app, which is available from Apple or Android.

This app allows you to monitor the grill temperature, the meat temperature, or make adjustments to the temperature, all from your smartphone!

This is done through dual meat probes that come with the grill, and plug directly into the grill’s controller which sends the information to your app.

If you are going to invest in a pellet grill, then the REC TEC RT-700 is clearly the best choice!