The Top Four Places in Texas for Texas BBQ

The Top Four Places in Texas for Texas BBQ

For BBQ lovers, or those who are curious about what all the excitement is about, we have a road trip guide to the best BBQ places in Texas.

Here are the four places where you’ll find the top BBQ in Texas:

1. Franklin Barbecue

Located in Austin, this restaurant has a combination of rustic, vintage and modern décor. This makes for a good dining experience, but you are really there for the brisket!

It is an extremely popular place to eat. In fact, it has its own YouTube Channel.

What this means is that there is going to be a line-up, so bring a folding chair, and have fun talking to all the people who are there from all over to check it out, just like you.

You can also try Mexican Coke or vintage Big Red soda, and pick up Franklin Barbecue merchandise, which includes everything from butcher paper to infant onesies!

2. Miller’s Smokehouse

If you have never heard of Belton, Texas, then you have now. This little town offers up some of the top BBQ in Texas.

Miller’s is more than just a place to enjoy excellent meat. There are friendly greetings and handshakes from those who work at Miller’s because it is like a community. In fact, they take in requests for community partnership and try to accommodate as many causes as they can.

In addition to the meat, Miller’s can pride itself in their southern sides, with such items as BBQ wraps that have pulled pork, coleslaw and beans, and specialty items like “Fire in the Bowl” which is beans, chopped beef, hot links and Fritos with potatoes, pickles, jalapenos, onions and tortillas.

Another point of pride is their homemade desserts, made by Lisa “Mama” Miller.

3. Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge is part of the Deep Ellum, Dallas barbecue scene and was billed by Texas Monthly as one of the top four barbeque restaurants in the world.

The barbeque pits in Pecan Lodge burn 24 hours a day, and they grind their own sausages. They feature craft meats that are unique and they make as many menu items as they can from scratch, including sides.

The desserts are part of what makes them great as well, with Aunt Polly’s banana pudding and homemade peach cobbler.

4. Snow’s BBQ

Snow’s BBQ is run out of a small red shack in Lexington and is open on Saturdays only, so arrive early to get near the front of the long lines to make sure you don’t miss out when they run out of barbecue.

The laid-back atmosphere provides a true Texas BBQ experience. The barbecue meats on order are not only the signature brisket that is Texas BBQ, but also chicken, pork spare ribs, pork steak, sausage, jalapeno sausage and turkey.

They also have signature BBQ sauces which include an original BBQ, spicy BBQ sauce and pepper sauce.