The Traegar Tailgater Pellet Grill Makes Barbecuing Easy and Relaxing

The Traegar Tailgater Pellet Grill Makes Barbecuing Easy and Relaxing

Over three decades ago, Joe Traeger introduced the first Traegar pellet grill to the world changing the barbecue game forever. Since its introduction, Traegar continue to produce new pellet grills while other grill companies produced their own models to keep up with the grill’s growing popularity. Its “set and forget it” ability sets it apart from its predecessors that took more time to prepare and attention to make sure your meat is grilled just right.

What Is a Pellet Girl?

A pellet grill has a hopper next to the grill that you fill with your choice of flavored wood pellets, then to start the grill, you flip the power switch on, and then set the temperature. The wood pellets roll through an automatic auger into the smoker keeping an even temperature as you add more pellets as needed. This means that in 10-15 minutes, the grill is heated up and ready to go making the process simple and pain free. Like a charcoal grill with the convenience of a gas grill, a pellet grill provides a consistent cooking temperature and a variety of flavors from the many types of wood pellets.

Pellet grills are ready and able for any cooking temperature allowing you the options to grills, smoke, braise, bake, roast, and barbecue. From the one grill, you can be a master of many dishes from delicious briskets all the way to wood-oven baked pizza made to your liking. All you have to do is choose your wood pellets, turn it on, set the temperature, and let the pellet grill do all the work. That means you’re free to get other things done like preparing the starters!

The Traegar Pellet Grill

As the company that made the original pellet grill, a Traegar pellet grill sets the standards for what a pellet grill should be. Any Traegar Grills Tailgater review you read will have you itching to get your hands on the grill as soon as possible. With 6-in-1 versatility, cook whatever and however you like from sizzling sliders to the all-American apple pie – it’s all in your hands. Choose from alder, pecan, oak, apple, mesquite, cherry, maple, and hickory wood pellets to get that classic smoked taste.

With its Integrated Digital Elite Controller, easily control the cooking temperature to ensure that it stays at the perfect, consistent temperature for the finish you want. But that’s not the only easy thing about the Traegar Tailgater – it can go wherever you go with its EZ-fold legs. That means you can make all of the specialties that you make at home on your camping trips where you can enjoy the smoked wood flavor in the midst of nature.

All of its versatility doesn’t just end in how you cook or what flavors you use, but also with how much you can grill at one time with the handy wood pellet grill. Grill a dozen burgers, prepare 2 whole chickens, or smoke three racks of ribs with 300 square inches of cooking space. With the Traegar Tailgater, you’ll be the most popular house in the neighborhood.