This Traeger Wood Pellet Grill Lets You Grill with Ease and Enjoy Wood-Fired Flavour

The Traeger TFB42LZBC Lil' Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill

The Traeger TFB42LZBC Lil’ Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill uses wood pellets instead of traditional charcoal or gas for fuel. Once you use wood pellets and have experienced that wood-fired taste you may never go back!

Why Wood Pellets are a Good Choice

Wood pellets are used on electric outdoor grills and are made of hardwood. They are capsule-sized and are both fuel for cooking and a flavour enhancer by producing wood smoke.

Unlike chips and chunks, wood pellets are very efficient and can work in both high and low temperatures. It is also almost impossible to over-smoke your food with wood pellets.

The density of wood pellets makes them a much slower burning source of fuel, and that makes them a more economical fuel.

The pellets are 100% pure hardwood pellets, for a flavour that can only come from real wood.

As Easy to Use as an Oven

You will cook with the ease of an oven but get the flavour of a wood-fired BBQ. The electronic auto-start ignition means that the BBQ is ready to go with the push of a button and no fuss.

The digital Elite controller with LED display helps maintain a precise temperature. You turn the dial, and the grill temperature is set, and the temperature is kept within a 20 degrees F range. This makes for predictable and consistent grilling you can trust and that keeps you in control.

The wood pellets work well at high or low temperatures. That means versatility. You can grill, bake, roast or braise with this BBQ, and it will meet all the needs of your family meals.

A Size That Fits Your Lifestyle

The 418 square inch grilling area is perfect for a family BBQ. If needed, it has the capacity to cook 4 whole chickens, 5 racks of ribs or up to 16 burgers.

The pellet hopper has a capacity for 18 pounds of pellets.

Clean Up with Ease with No Mess

This BBQ features easy to clean porcelain grill grates. Porcelain is used as a coating for pure cast iron because pure cast iron is corrosive, and the porcelain coatings ensure they won’t rust, and it eliminates the need to season or cure the metal.

This is what makes the clean up so easy. When cleaning, don’t use metal or wire brushes. Use a soft bristle or nylon grill brush and burn off any food that may be left on the grate. Once the food is burned off, let the grates cool and then scrub them with the nylon cleaning brush.

The wood pellets leave very little ash behind because they almost totally burn. That means easier cleanup and less mess. Wood pellets don’t make your hands dirty like charcoal will, and there is no residue left behind after you’ve touched them.

This BBQ is so versatile, yet easy to use that you will find yourself using it all the time.