Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Backyard

Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Backyard

Your backyard needs some work, but recreating it seems like a daunting task. Thanks to the Internet, it doesn’t have to be.

Be the go-to place for barbecues and have your neighbors peeking over the fence to see just how amazing you made your drab backyard and how you turned it into the best hang-out in the neighborhood. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to actually like being in your backyard!

Create a Cozy Corner

You don’t need to completely re-do your backyard all at once. Just start off with something small to entice your family away from their screens inside. Choose a designated spot, ideally close enough to the house for optimal snack trips and then design away.

Get a bedsheet for a makeshift tent cover, hang string lights, and roll out sleeping bags with pillows for a corner everyone will fight over.

Make a Murphy Bar

Clear space off the table and mount a murphy bar on your home. It will help with the crowding and keep the seating area a seating area rather than a mess of drinks.

Use some paint and decorations like string lights, plants, or a handmade sign to make it your own. And at the end of the night, just fold up the bar to keep everything clean and bug-free.

Bring a Bench

Something as simple as a bench can make your backyard parties that much better. If you’re handy, find two chairs, replace the seats with a board, and make sure the base is sturdy.

Paint it a color of your liking, add a pretty blanket or throw pillows, and voila, you have another seating area for your guests.

Style a Shed

Give your shed a new life and make it into a nice hang out. Clear the broken gardening equipment, evict any bugs or birds living inside, and now you have a blank slate!

Depending on how large your shed is, you can outfit it with a comfy couch and funky wallpaper. Add a table for spur of the moment inspiration for drawings and a reading lamp. Or decorate your new spot however you like it!

DIY Backyard Reno

There are hundreds of other ideas to transform your backyard, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. One basic tip for renovating your backyard is to section it out so you and your guests aren’t crowded in one area or too far away from each other.

There should be seating space, eating space, barbecuing space, and, of course, play space! Remember those old containers can make great planters and string lights go with everything.

Whether you want a cozy hideaway outside the house or a place to show off your barbecue skills, your backyard can be just the space. It’s not there to just look pretty, it’s there for you to enjoy.

Transform your yard and get your creative juices pumping. Start off small and get the ball rolling for your brand-new backyard. You’ll be kicking out your lingering guests enjoying your customized yard in no time. Happy renovating!