What Cooking Equipment You Will Need for Camping

camping in the winter

Camping means cooking in the great outdoors. You can make cooking a lot easier and more fun if you have the right cooking equipment for camping.

What cooking equipment do you need for camping? Here is a camping check list that will guarantee you have everything you need:

Camp Stove or Grill

The most common camp stoves run on propane and have two burners that can accommodate standard kitchen pots. One of the most popular models is 11 lbs, with a tabletop design.

Some of the features to look for in a camping stove is its power and whether or not it is compact. BTU’s are a measurement of power used for stoves-the higher the number the faster the stove will heat up.

The stove should have folding windscreens that block wind for added efficiency, and a heat reflector that reflects heat back up to the pot, saving both fuel and cooking time.

A push-button ignition that creates a spark, so matches aren’t necessary, and a drip tray allows for easy clean up.

Grills are often propane powered. As with stoves, the grills should be portable. Popular models have a stand, slide-out side tables and wheels all attached. This means that they do take up a bit more space than a table top stove, but there is also more working space.

Then, of course, there are grills that use charcoal or can be placed right over a fire pit.


Important features to look for in coolers is that they have enough capacity for all the food you have and that the insulation is good and keeps the food at a safe temperature. Durability is another plus.

Water Jugs

Water is necessary for cooking and cleanup after. You want to make sure that you get one that holds as much water as you need so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to your water supply.

Pots and Pans

The best pots and pans stack inside one another, or have their own storage bags so they stay clean, protected and secure. They should have collapsible parts like the handle of the frying pan, and be lightweight.

Good Knives and a Cutting Board

Good quality knives that are sharp and have sheaths for safety!

Utensils and Cutlery

Long tongs and forks that are fire resistant for cooking on grills and campfires, and large forks and spoons for serving.

Forks, knives and spoons often come in sets for easy transport and storage, or spoons and forks combine into sporks, cutting down on how many things have to be brought.


Dishes and drinking cups made of durable, unbreakable material.

Coffee Pot

You can bring a special coffee pot, or boil water in a pot and use a French press for coffee.

Clean Up

Whenever there is cooking there is cleanup. Remember to bring a metal or plastic tub for washing, along with dish soap and towels.

With this check list, you are sure to have everything you need to make cooking another fun part of camping!