What Essentials to Bring on Your Camping Trip

What Essentials to Bring on Your Camping Trip

It’s always important to double check that you have everything you need before you leave for any trip. This helps you avoid time-consuming detours to stores to get what you forgot. Camping, even though it seems like a minimalist excursion since you’ll be one in nature, is no different. There’s the tent, the tarps, the sleeping bags, the bug spray, the sunscreen, and, of course, the barbecue grill.

Fret not, here’s a list of basic camping items you shouldn’t leave behind:

Camping Trip Essentials

The Tent

Please don’t leave the house without this because it’s kind of important. Without it, you’ll be able to appreciate the stars and the bugs and maybe even the bears all night. There’s a tent out there for every party – a single camper, couple campers, family campers – and every budget. Remember to check that you have every piece to set it up properly! 

Sleeping Bags

You might be surprised by just how cold it gets overnight. Without all the congested city buildings and lights, the cold air has the freedom to actually reach the ground. You’ll want to stay nice and toasty while you sleep and a good sleeping bad will do the trick.


There may be a few lamp posts in the camp grounds for the main roads connecting the campsites, but away from that, the only light you’ll get will be from the moon. Emergency washroom trips require taking a walk outside and your phone flashlight might not always be reliable. A flashlight comes in handy to get you there without falling or bumping into a tree.


One of the best parts of camping is getting away from all the city noise and lights, including your smartphone. There are not many outlets on a campsite, so it will be difficult to keep everything charged. As a fallback, going back to the days of having extra batteries on hand for handlamps and flashlights will help after sundown.

Camping chairs

The iconic part of camping is sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows for smores or just watching the fire burn while you spend quality time with friends and family. Without any chairs, it can be difficult at best to be comfortable. From simple fold up chairs to all out loungers, everyone can have a seat around the fire.

The Best BBQ Grill for Camping

Now, you can’t drag your stainless steel, four element stove with you to the campgrounds, but you can bring a reliable barbecue grill with you to make classic burgers and dogs for your family. It’s important to have a strong and mighty grill to get things done, but the most important factor for the best BBQ grill for camping is that it’s portable!

A Camping Trip to Remember

This isn’t an exhaustive list of camping items as there are many more optional and important items to bring with you just as any other trip away from home. Remember, it’s all about enjoying your time and making memories!