When Fall Season Comes, You Can Still Enjoy a BBQ

bbq in the fall season

Fall is a good time to buy a BBQ, because the summer grilling season is over, and the stores are eager to sell all of their remaining grills.

BBQ Sales

BBQ’s start to go on sale for Labour Day. Retailers like Walmart can cut prices up to 60%! The best deals come up in early fall, when the grills start to go on clearance. If you already have a grill, but are considering changing the size of your grill, for example, be prepared and know what you want before you go to the clearance sale.

Typically, gas grills don’t go on sale as often as charcoal grills, but you can find deals on gas grills, usually in October.

When going to clearance sales, consider the deals you can get on floor models. You may be able to negotiate a lower price if it will take the BBQ off the hands of the retailer.

BBQ Equipment

BBQ equipment can make everything easier. Like stainless steel mesh vegetable grilling baskets, which keep thin vegetables like asparagus and sliced peppers and shrimps from falling through the grill into the fire. Instead of making up skewers, just toss loose vegetables into the grill basket!

When slow-cooking or roasting large cuts of meat, the equipment you want is a probe thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meats. You slide the probe into the meat, and it will alert you when the right temperature is reached. You don’t have to monitor the meat, so no hanging around the BBQ is required. You can go off and enjoy your party, or do whatever you want to do.

Fall is a Great Time to BBQ

Think backyard living is over because it is no longer summer?  Think again! Here’s why:

  1. The flavour you get from a BBQ is worth any extra effort needed. Don’t settle for cooking on a stove just because it is fall.
  2. The heat of the summer, which could make standing in front of a BBQ uncomfortable, is gone, and the heat from the grill can be welcome!
  3. Fall vegetables and fruits can stand up to grilling, and they taste great!

Fall vegetables like carrots, turnips, potatoes and squash are easy to cut into slabs and place right on the grill.

Fall fruits like apples and pears can be grilled, and to make a special dessert, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them and enjoy the tasty caramelization.

  • If it is a little too cool to stand outside and grill, minimize the time needed to check on the grill. Consider roasting meats. A BBQ can provide the indirect heat needed to roast meats over a longer period of time. Slow cooking for hours makes BBQing easy, and more economical because you can cook larger and tougher cuts of meat.
  • Did you know you can bake with a BBQ?  It’s easy! Thanks again to indirect heating you can make fall favourites like casseroles, cobblers, and, of course, bread.

Enjoy BBQ flavour this fall!