Why a Gazebo is a Great Backyard Design Upgrade

Why a Gazebo is a Great Backyard Design Upgrade

If you are looking to upgrade your backyard by adding a structure, consider a gazebo. Gazebos can be a focal point of your backyard and are unique and fun.

Some things to consider in your yard design is where to place the gazebo, proper sizing, and building codes.

For placement, a level and flat area for support and drainage are best, and avoid low-lying areas where water pools or collects after a rain.

What will be the main purpose of your gazebo? If it is dinner parties, then you might want to have it close to the house for convenience when you have to get food from the kitchen. If it is privacy, then you will want it in a more hidden area.

Consider as well the paths to get to the gazebo. Will people tend to take shortcuts through your garden beds to get to it?

Proper sizing means taking measurements. The length and width of the area you have available will narrow down the size of gazebo that you have to choose from. Don’t forget to keep the gazebo height in mind, as well!

The space you might need to walk around the structure to other areas of your backyard should be taken into account when measuring, too.

Choose the largest structure that will fit in the area you have available. You are sure to find ways to use the space.

Gazebos generally do not need a building permit, because they are not considered permanent outdoor structures. However, some local municipalities and townships impose a limit on the size of a structure that you can build on your property. It is best to check.

Here are four reasons why a gazebo is well worth the effort:

1. A Gazebo Adds Value to Your Home

According to Realtor.com, 51 percent of buyers indicated that an outdoor living space was the most attractive quality in a home, beating out open floor plans and curb appeal.

A gazebo provides as much functionality and privacy as an indoor room as well.

2. A Gazebo Enhances Enjoyment of the Outdoors

Go from looking outside from your window, to actually getting outdoors. A gazebo protects you from the sun and provides an inviting space that you can decorate to your own taste and comfort.

3. A Gazebo Can Be Used for a Variety of Functions

A gazebo lends any function an extra “wow” factor. You can use your gazebo for outdoor dining space, for barbecues, dinner parties or family gatherings, or any type of dining you can think of!

It can be used for an enclosure or shelter for your hot tub, or as a private space for mediation, yoga or just a place to lounge and enjoy in peace and quiet.

4. A Gazebo Can Be a Wedding Venue

Imagine having your wedding in your own backyard and how special the memories would be! Simply add flowers and sheer fabric for a stunning yet simple place for outdoor exchanging of vows and/or receptions.

The possibilities are endless!