Why You Should Try Camping in Every Season

Why You Should Try Camping in Every Season

Dear nature lovers, do you ever wish that you could just live amongst nature and not have to worry about work, bills, or laundry? Every morning you can wake up to the peaceful sounds of birds chirping or small animals scurrying by instead of the bustling streets you usually hear.

Camping will just have to cut it until that dream becomes reality. And you can do it all year round! Yes, even in the winter while it’s snowing or during the spring while it rains. All you need is the right “roof” over your head and that’s where the Coleman Sundome tent comes in. Here’s how the Sundome is the perfect tent for family camping trips in any season.

Summer Camping

The summer is the most common time for family camping trips because:

  • It’s warm enough to spend the whole day outside.
  • There’s less chance of rain so you and your gear stay nice and dry.
  • There are perfect s’ more conditions.

With two windows and a ground vent, everyone won’t feel suffocated inside the Sundome. The included rainfly provides extra shade and rain protection.

Fall Camping

Camping during the fall gives you the chance to watch nature transition to the cooler climate. You can:

  • Crunch and/or collect leaves.
  • Have more space since it’s less crowded as everyone goes back to school or work.
  • No bugs!
  • Sleep in longer without melting under the hot, morning sun.

The Sundome is made of Polyguard™ fabric that makes it durable and withstand busy foot traffic going in and out of the tent or any “accidental” roughhousing that may ensue amongst the younger ones.

Winter Camping

Not for the faint of heart, winter camping can be tough if you can’t brave the cold. But if you can, you can enjoy:

  • Cozier fires with your favorite hot drink (hot chocolate anyone?).
  • How the snow covers trees, rocks, and leaves.
  • Skating, snowball fights, sledding, and all kinds of winter activities.

Coleman’s WeatherTec™ system helps keep water out of the tent, so you don’t have to worry about any melted snow trespassing.

Spring Camping

If you’re lucky enough to find a dry week or weekend to camp during the spring, you can:

  • Watch the plants grow back.
  • Get a prime camping lot since it’s less crowded.
  • Enjoy no bugs for another season.

The Colemon Sundome has a door awning in addition to the rainfly to keep the rain out as people enter and exit the tent. Everyone can stay dry and avoid any grumpiness from being wet.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Each Season

It’s easy to forget the beauty and comfort of nature while the working world spins on. Go camping and post a photo for other people to double tap on social media! With so many different things to enjoy outside in every season, you’ll have a special experience each time. You and your family can comfortably enjoy each other’s company in the Coleman Sundome tent that has everything covered. Let the “roof” over your head do its job while you enjoy your time outside.